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Here at Newent Town Council, we believe it is essential that as a council we provide value for money. This means ensuring that public money is spent efficiently to provide an effective service. Our aim therefore is to get more council activity for the least possible expense without compromising quality.

The Council’s Financial Regulations and a number of statutes and procedures provide the Council with the tools it needs to achieve its goals, protect community assets and make best use of public money. Newent Town Council recognises the importance of using its resources in an efficient way and one that is shown to give Value for Money.

At its meeting on Monday 22 January 2024, the Town Council approved its Budget for 2024/25. 
This includes the Precept (the funding required to meet the Council’s Services/running costs); this is raised through Council Tax. 
The approved Precept for 2024/25 is £421,840.
If you would like a copy of the approved Budget please contact the Town Clerk 
Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges
Market House
£5 per hour
Cleaning charge of £20 for large events

Market Stall
Fees waived for Registered Charities 

Funfair/Large Circus at the Recreation Ground

Small Circus at the Recreation Ground

Casual pitch hire at the Recreation Ground
Events charged as per the Lake
Above fees exclude use of Changing Rooms

Use of Changing Rooms
£5 per hour plus £50 refundable deposit

Fishing Permits
£12 Adults & 16/17 year olds; under 16’s free
£50 for any non-residents
(1st June 2024 to 31st May 2025) 

Fishing Competitions

Events at the Lake, incl. use of electricity if required 
Commercial: £25 all day; £12.50 half day (3.5 hrs) 
Charity: £15 all day; £7.50 half day (3.5 hrs) 
Memorial Bench 
£132 plus cost of bench and installation 
Memorial Tree 
£60 plus cost of tree 
Full plot £54, half plot £27, quarter plot £14 
(1st November 2023 to 31st October 2024) 


Please note
Some of these charges may be subject to VAT

Fees are waived for Registered Charities wishing to hold events. 

Cemetery Charges
Exclusive Right of Burial – for a period of 100 years 
Amount (£) 
Grave Purchase (no interment) 
Infant under 5 years 
Interments (excluding any labour charges) 
Burial:  First Interment 
Subsequent re-opening 
Cremated Remains Grave including first interment 
Subsequent re-opening 
Scattering of Ashes in Garden of Remembrance 
Memorial Headstone – not exceeding 3 ft in height including base 
(Grave purchases cost more if the deceased lived outside the Parish) 
Exclusive Right of Burial – for a period of 100 years 
Amount (£) 
Memorial Headstone – infant under 5 years – not exceeding 2 ft in height including base 
Added Inscription to Headstone 
Kerb set (where applicable)  Existing graves only 
Cremation Memorial Tablet   Maximum 22″Hx20″W (inc plinth) 
Base stone 35″L x 23 1/2″W 
Added Inscription on Tablet 
Garden of Remembrance Plaque – single 6″ x 4″ 
Garden of Remembrance Plaque – double 6” x 8” 
Transfer of ownership 
Memorial bench 
Cost of bench plus 132 

All payments made by the Town Council (including those below £500) are reported in the Full Council meeting minutes. In addition, the Town Council publishes summary reports on all expenditure over £500 net of VAT. The reports available on the links below, show the individual payments to suppliers each month with a value over £500. Please note these are payments made in the period, and do not necessarily relate to invoices dated or received in the period.

Application deadlines are in February and August 

Council Administered Land & Building Assets

  • The Lake including children’s play area and adult gym (off Lewall Street, Newent, Glos) 
  • Library car park (Watery Lane, Newent, Glos) 
  • Cemetery Lodge (Watery Lane, Newent, Glos) 
  • The Cemetery (Watery Lane, Newent, Glos) 
  • Recreation Ground including children’s play area and changing rooms (Watery Lane, Newent, Glos) 
  • Allotments (Holts Road, Newent, Glos) 
  • Arboretum (Bradfords Lane, Newent, Glos) 
  • Market House (The Market Square, Newent, Glos)